This is not your typical blog. There will be no narcissistic bragging about my accomplishments here. This is content driven to benefit both me and you. Let me explain.

What drives me the most is substance. I have a tough time finding substance and meaning in today's society, but I doubt that I am alone in this view. My goal in documenting my thoughts and experiences is to provide the substance that has been lacking in the day-to-day events today. I hope to relate to those who look for substance but fail to find it in their current situations.

I want to be known for bringing POSITIVITY, not negativity, into this world. The last thing we need is another negative, pessimistic voice that drowns out the overwhelming positivity of life. This is what drives me to document my thoughts and share them with others.

By all means, I do NOT consider myself an "expert," a "guru," or a "preacher" in any sense. I am learning on a daily basis. My purpose is to provide a place to speak about my own personal experiences and the lessons I learn from them. In doing so, I hope that you can relate to and benefit from my thoughts and feelings about certain topics. I also hope some of you disagree - I do NOT have a desire to be right about every single thing I write. I want to learn from you, the reader. I wholeheartedly believe that we can learn from anyone, no matter who they are or where they come from. 

I truly appreciate your attention and engagement. I strive to publish content that provides the substance we all need in our lives each and every day. If you have any desire to speak with me, please do not hesitate to contact me about anything on your mind. This is why I started this site - to connect on a deeper level with others and provide a space for people to grow and learn.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate you.

- Frank