Consistency over Intensity

A great lesson I learned recently is that consistency beats intensity. 

Since I began law school in August, I’ve made time every single day for lifting. It truly helps me get through the pain and difficulty of law school. 

Some days have been better than others. Some days not so much. I’ve had days where all I wanted to do is lift. I use it as an outlet for my frustration and stress. I use it as an escape. I use it to refocus. It truly works. 

Unfortunately, on days where I’m struggling with school, I take the intensity to another level. I overdo it. This is what happened recently, and it kept me away from the gym for almost a month. It felt like an eternity, and it only made the frustration worse. Only until today was I able to finally get back into my workout routine. 

We only have so much intensity within us every day. If we overexert ourselves in any activity, it could steer us off the path for an indefinite amount of time. 

Consistency, on the other hand, is much different. It’s extremely underrated. If you consistently do something over a period of time, you are in a much better position to continue on that path and build momentum. And momentum is everything. Momentum is hard to break. It’s also hard to get back if you lose it. 

This is why consistency beats intensity. Consistent work yields much stronger results than constant intense work that will likely hurt us in the long run. 

Had I learned this a long time ago, who knows where I would be.