What are most people doing these days? 

1. Working 9 to 5 in an unrewarding job for someone else who would replace them in a second 
2. Paying student loans 10 years after graduating
3. Racking up credit card and mortgage debt
4. Complaining all week and waiting for Friday so the weekend could start
5. In general, spending time and money on stuff that doesn’t matter

The list goes on an on. 

Why is this the norm today? Why would anyone strive for this mediocrity?

My facial expression in this picture shows my attitude towards this idea. I don’t buy into this. Never did and never will. I refuse to accept that this will be my life. 

This won’t be your life either, BUT you need to be HONEST with yourself. 

If you haven’t asked yourself honest questions regarding the level of your future, you need to do it today. It will SAVE YOUR LIFE. Question everything. Don’t subject yourself to something just because everyone else is doing it. Be different. Be YOURSELF. 

Be a contrarian. If most people are going down one path, think differently and take another path. And believe that THERE IS ANOTHER PATH. You’ll surprise yourself in the process. Be proud of your own path.