The Difference Between Luxury and True Wealth

This is something that no one wants to discuss but it affects us on a daily basis. 

It's funny how we automatically relate someone with having nice things as being. The houses, the cars, the jewelry, you name it. So many of us have been conditioned to think that luxury equals wealth. 

This is FAR from the truth. Here's why. 

How many people who take pictures of their money perfectly placed on their bed end up putting it right back in the bank? 

How many people who have brand new $50,000+ luxury cars can comfortably afford to make the payments on it? 

How many people with these "luxuries" actually live paycheck to paycheck - someone we certainly don't expect to have any luxurious possessions? 

No wonder household debt is at an all-time high in the US, and personal savings is at an all-time low. Unnecessary spending has become a way of life for most of us. 

The idea that everyone has such a luxurious life is propped up by society, the media, corporations, and many other entities that thrive on the destructive consumption habits of Americans. We buy expensive things to make it look like we have money. 

This is such a backwards mentality. This vicious cycle never ends for most people, and the real winners are those who sell you this fake idea of true wealth. 

It is absolutely true that many people with money have nice things - deservedly so. But true wealth does not equate with society's view of someone who has money. True wealth is the freedom that money can bring into your life. When you're owned by your many luxuries and up to your neck in mortgage payments, are you really free? Do you have true wealth if you're living to impress others? 

When you show off the expensive parts of your life to the world, how does that make you feel when no one is watching? More often than not, all you're left with is a feeling of emptiness and phoniness. The only person you can't fool in this world is yourself - no matter how "rich" or "impressive" you may seem to others. 

You know what's impressive to me? Someone who has little to no debt, who has the discipline to save or invest his or her income wisely, and pays no attention to the latest trends or materialistic items across all industries. This is someone who will be wealthy someday, if he or she isn't already. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having nice things as long as you have good intentions to buying them. If you truly enjoy wearing luxury clothes because they give you more confidence or they fit better, by all means buy them. Use them to attract more money than you paid for them. But there's something wrong with buying expensive clothes to impress others while you have no money left over. 

When you see this on social media or in real life, never get down on yourself for not having those things. They will come with time if you work for them. But you never know how someone may be living, even if they have the luxuries you wish you had. They may even envy YOU - you're not owned by your possessions while they can't live without them.

Glad to come across this article recently by Liz Weston from NerdWallet. This is what inspired me to write this piece. Here's the article below:

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